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We hope you find these Questions & Answers helpful in your selection of a hot tub.

Why should I buy a hot tub / spa?

The benefits of a true hot tub range from pure relaxation to very effective therapy for sore muscles, joints and various chronic conditions. But your hot tub might also be a great place to re-connect with spouse and kids, or simply the best sleep inducement available. And if you happen to be the social type you may find friends you didn't know you had.


What is the difference between a portable hot tub and an in-ground spa?

In the case of Bullfrog Spas there is no difference.  The spa we place in the Bullfrog Spa Vault® is the exact same spa we deliver for above ground installations, although we do remove the exterior corner lights since there is not much need for these in-ground.

On the other hand there are huge differences between Bullfrog Spas and traditional in-ground spas.  Please click here to see these differences.


Should I wet test?

Something you pretty much can't do with a traditional in-ground spa is test it out before you commit to buying it.  On the other hand there isn’t much to wet test with the traditional in-ground spa as these have only a few jets and provide no massage.

With Bullfrog Spas its easy to wet test your spa.  As a matter of fact, it is easier to wet test a Bullfrog Spa than any other brand because of their JetPaks®.  Since they are removable and interchangeable, in a minute we can change any JetPak® or in 5 minutes change the entire hot tub!


How hard is it to maintain a hot tub?

It is really quite easy.  You will need to maintain the proper level of Bromine and the pH balance.  It is important to check these levels weekly and adjust as necessary.

To make this even easier, we offer free classes on "Anything Hot Tubs" every Saturday morning.  We just ask that you let us know that you are coming.  We also have considerable information on hot tub water chemistry on our main website at "Trouble-Free Hot Tub" .

For the ultimate in easy water maintenance consider the ISIS Salt System by Pioneer H2O Technologies.


What will it cost to operate my hot tub?

Bullfrog Spas are extremely efficient, in fact among the most efficient of all portable spas.  In the winter your electrical usage will total approx. $15 / month.  In the summer, it will be less, because you will likely not heat your hot tub at all.

This compares with the traditional in-ground spas that can easily cost over $100 / month to operate as these are not insulated.


Is an ozonator important?

Ozone is molecularly O3.  Oxygen is O2.  Ozone is very beneficial in removing oils and waste materials in your spa water by oxidizing these problems in your water.  It should be noted that, though ozone will reduce your need for sanitizer, ozone, in the concentrations used in a hot tub, is not a sanitizer.  Maintaining the proper level of bromine is important to properly sanitize your water.

We include Bullfrog's Wellspring® High-Output Ozone Purifier w/ Degassing System in all of our in-ground hot tubs. 


What does an In-Ground Spa cost?

Depending on which spa and options you choose, as well as the relative difficulty in digging for the Spa Vault® installation, the full cost is usually in the $20 - $25,000 range.


Where can I find someone to trust when buying a hot tub?

Like most products & services, the best source is likely recommendations from people you know.  Next we would recommend Angie's List* as Angie Hicks has created, over the past 15 years, a service that is all about homeowners reviewing companies & people who provide services & products for your home.  You can also find many reviews on the Internet at sites such as Google, Citysearch, Insiderpages, Yellowpages, Yahoo, Superpages, etc.

*  You must be a member of Angie's List in order to access homeowner reviews.