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Benefits of a Hot Tub

Natural hot water pools are found throughout the world.  It is likely that our ancient ancestors were enjoying the relief from soaking in these pools after a stressful day hunting mammoths and fending off hungry saber-tooth tigers.  You can bet they would have loved the powerful massage with a Bullfrog Spa!

Today's game may be rather smaller and our cats more docile, but the stresses, aches, and pains of today are just as great and the therapeutic benefits of a top-notch hot tub, with a variety of massage jets, both pleasurable and healthy.


A Bullfrog Spa offers the most affordable massage.  Any time you want  the relaxation, comfort and sense of well-being that comes for a great massage your Bullfrog Spa from Austin In-Ground Hot Tubs & Spas is ready & waiting for you.  Be it gentle, moderate, or intense, all forms of massage are available.

Stress Reduction

Can you think of anything more relaxing than the warm, gentle waters of a hot tub?  For relieving tension and the all too common stresses of ordinary life, nothing comes close to a hot tub from Austin In-Ground Hot Tubs & Spas.

Pain Relief

The warm water of a hot tub combined with massage from the most gentle to deeply invigorating in your Bullfrog Spa offers powerful therapy in relieving pain.  Additionally, the natural buoyancy of the water in your hot tub removes most all of the pressure from your joints & muscles speeding your recovery.


There is something about a hot tub that just promotes closeness and communication.  Perhaps it's the hot water.  Maybe just the fact that since hot tubs are not large, it's simply a more intimate space.  Whatever it is, a hot tub promotes comfortable, genuine conversation and caring.

Improved Sleep

There is nothing like a warm, gentle soak & massage in your Bullfrog Spa before heading off for a restful night's sleep.  If you've not tried a hot tub before, try one.  You might find yourself buying a spa just for this reason.