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Austin In Ground Hot Tubs and Spas

Austin In-Ground Hot Tubs & Spas is a division of Premiere Hot Tubs Of Austin, focused exclusively on the installation of the finest in-ground spas using Bullfrog Spas innovative A Series hot tubs and Spa Vault®.  If you desire all the benefits of a true portable spa in ground, Austin In-Ground Hot Tubs & Spas is your best option.

You are likely familiar with the traditional in-ground spa (often as a addition to a pool).  They integrate well with your landscaping, but for luxurious massage they are woefully lacking.  Bullfrog Spas, with the most innovative portable spas, has an option that allows you to HAVE IT ALL!  Both an in-ground spa that coordinates with your landscape design and everything from the most vigorous to the most gentle massage along with ergonomic designs to fit your body.

In Ground Spa Comparison

Consider the advantages of an In-Ground Spa with Austin In-Ground Hot Tubs and Spas:

  • Greatest variety of Massage among all spa brands

  • Customizable; With 16 different JetPaks you can change your massage options even after your spa is installed

  • Leak-Proof Design; With 90% less plumbing than other brands there is simply 90% less chance of a leak

  • No Wood or Metal in the construction of your spa

  • Lifetime Structure Warranty with 5-Year Plumbing & Equipment Warranty

  • Efficient; With a full-foam design and JetPaks, Bullfrog Spas are among the most efficient of all hot tubs. Your operating expense will be approx. $15.00 per month.

  • Always Ready to Use: Portable Spas are kept at a constant temperature of your choosing

We are available at your convenience by phone, e-mail and our Premiere Hot Tubs showroom on Burnet Lane in Austin where, with 20 - 25 hot tubs on display, we have the largest selection of hot tubs in Central Texas.